TechBlick Winter Festival 2023

A Confluence of Innovation and Global Expertise

BotFactory Inc., Afnan Islam

TechBlick has established itself as a pivotal force in the global technology sector, particularly in organizing conferences that illuminate the path of emerging technologies. With its Winter Festival 2023, TechBlick continues its tradition of creating a perpetual platform for innovation, not confined to a singular event but spanning an entire year. This format is a vibrant tapestry of major and mini-conferences, featuring over 500 live presentations and masterclasses, a clear reflection of TechBlick's commitment to ongoing technological discourse and development​​​​.

Carlos Ospina Tarazona, CEO of BotFactory, is a highlight of this festival. He will delve into the influence of generative AI in electrical engineering, specifically focusing on advancements in Supervised Additive Manufacturing for PCB boards.

This is an open event that celebrates technological synergy and advancement in printed electronics. You can register here.